Frequently asked questions

Do the lashes come with glue?

No only the lashes are included in the price, we do have small tubes of it on sale but.

What are your lashes like?

They are all different! Some are suited for those who dont like dramatic over the top lashes and just want to finish off their make up look - even for a bridesmaid make up or a very young person who wants to experiment with make up. We then have faux mink ones which are lovely and fluffy - all our lashes are shorter than your average lash, they normally come very long and not the length of anyones eye - we saved you time and made them shorter! They are lightweight - easy to apply - get over 6 uses out of each set!

Id love to collaborate with your brand

Check our social media for opportunties we do love to work closely with MUA'S as they have the best communities and support!

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